Buttermilk, Carrot & Honey Soap

This was my first attempt at a milk and carrot soap. It can be tricky as milk and honey heat up quite a bit with the potential of volcanic problems if you are not careful!

The milk and pureed organic carrots are frozen to keep the temperatures down. The honey was added at the last minute. As I poured into the moulds the colour of the soap went very dark because of the sugar in the honey, during the next 24 hours it went almost toffee colour. The soap was left uncovered in the coldest room in the house. After 48 hours, thankfully, the colour had become lighter in shade and no cracks had appeared. Sometimes when using honey and milk the temperature gets so high the soap can bubble over and cracks can appear on the top of the soap. It will be ready in a few more weeks, I am really looking forward to using this one.

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