Soap Behaving Badly!! - A spectacular soap seize can be saved if YOU ACT QUICKLY

A few weeks ago I had my very first “seized soap” experience after adding a fragrance oil....and it was spectacular!!  All was going well, preparation completed. All oils melted, colours blended, fragrance weighed out...ready to start.

After adding the lye to the oils I brought the mixture to a light trace.  I divided half the mixture into 2 pots to colour different shades of pink.  All was fine. I waited until the last possible minute before adding the fragrance oil as a precaution, since I had not used this oil before and was unsure how it might react.

The plan was to do an in the pot swirl, so the fragrance was added very slowly to the jugs, stirring only to avoid acceleration. Immediately it went VERY thick. Panic!! - I was barely able to pour the mixture.  I quickly emptied it into the moulds and pushed down to flatten it before it became completely solid.

You can see from the pictures below how solid it was, it was just like playdoh in texture and appearance.

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The soap set hard in the mould almost instantly. I piped on top from a 2nd batch of oils that I had ready, which took a very steady hand, then I covered the soap, left it....and hoped for the best.

4 days later I unmoulded and cut it... and to my huge relief it seemed to have worked! The design of the soap was not as planned, but coming as close to disaster as it did, I don’t think it turned out too bad.